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    New in the Forum…An honor.
    I m rebuilding a PA 366CID…
    Looking for set of piston rings and valves/springs…
    Any tip? Supplier? part number?

    Thank you in advance
    Fred Kunzendorf


    Welcome to the Pierce-Arrow Society.

    Try John Cislak, he specializes in ’30s era Pierce-Arrows.  413/543-9017
    Email: [email protected]

    Do you own the Pierce-Arrow or just rebuilding an engine for someone else?



    For piston rings I would try Grant’s piston rings, they were the only supplier I could find that had the wide 1/8″ compression rings in the configuration I was after (inside bevel instead of taper face tip compression). I think most of the compression rings for these engines were stock produced for Allis Chalmers engines that called for taper face, which is one step in technical improvement for oil control over the original plain rings used in the Pierce. If I remember correctly it was possible with Grant to buy individual rings instead of buying complete sets for other engines and having to mix and match to get the desired combination.


    Hello Dave,
    I rescued a Pierce Arrow Chassis with engine and transmission…and part of the Cowl.
    I m overhauling all mechanical parts to original specs, and make an aluminum body.

    Thank you for the info…I ll keep you update of the progress


    Hi Fred,

    Could you post or e-mail the serial number so I can update PAS records?  Good luck on the project.



    Dear Dave
    I have 2 rolling chassis…Engine numbers are 100530 and 230872 (overhauling now)



    100530 is a 1930 Model C and 230872 is a 1932 Model 54. Neither engine number is in our records. I will enter them onto your record.  If you get the chance, could you check the frame behind one of the front wheels (usually right) for a plate with the serial number? They might prove helpful.  Thanks for your help.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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