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    Where do I use 600w lube oil in my 1928 PA Model 81?



    I believe that is for the rear end.

    Send me an email and within a few days I will send you an attachment document listing all of the Series 80 Lubrication requirements translated into available 21st century oils and lubes.



    Peter, is there a conversion chart out there for the ’29 to ’38 cars as well?


    600w is used in the transmission, and rear axle. As well as for filling the enclosed U-joints on the driveshaft. Also, it is used in the steering gear box. Chassis Grease in the steering box ruins most steering boxes because grease does not flow, If you cut a groove in the top surface of a tub of grease, in a week or month, the groove will still be there.. so the grease does not lubricate the moving parts inside the box. I needs a thick liquid lubricant that will flow and stick to the moving surfaces.

    Pierce had a ‘Special Compound’ that was sold by Enterprise or Duplex Oil company, It was like a thick 600W, this is what Pierce specified for the various parts on the Pierce cars.

    Greg Long.



    Greg is correct about 600w in the trans and differential, however note that Restoration Supply sells Penrite Steering Box Lube, which is 1200w. (500ml LUB009 $15.75)

    They say it will not leak, but maybe that is not fully accurate, or I need to tighten up some fittings.

    It was good for a few years, but now I have some dripping.

    I think that I may need to drain it (for a week) and then replace it with fresh Lube, however, getting it in the box is a trial, and never inject it, just let it ooze in (it may take some time, but it will eventually go in.





    Send me an email to me at [email protected] and I will send you the document that I sent to David Stephens.

    It addresses the lubrication of Series 80/81 cars, but it will likely be useful to you.



    Thanks Peter.

    I appreciate it.

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