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    This should be the start of the 2020 Meet Week!!! Lancaster County PA is still without barbers, nail salons, indoor malls, zero indoor food service, and no tour bus or tourist venues open for business.  We could not have had a meet with the PA governor’s restrictions.

    That said: the good news is all our museums, tours, and private collections will be there waiting for us next year. They moved the dates 364 days without penalties. When the meat prices stabilize, the food vendors will set 2021 pricing. This could be the only changes from 2020. Our show field will be in the same great location.

    The Double Tree Hotel block will be open in two weeks; new block info will be posted here and in PAS Events and Announcements  as soon as we have that information. No hotel price changes for 2021.

    We look forward to enjoying the rails and sweet trails of Hershey and Lancaster with you!F-7PRR We’ll have more fun in 2021!

    Karl and Mary Krouch and our meet committee





    Hotel Registration is open, don’t wait until the last minute and find you can not get the rooms you need. The link above will take you to online registration or call the Double Tree directly.

    Below is just one of the trucks we will see on tour Friday at the Jay Crist’s collection. It won a Senior Grand National Award last Saturday in AACA judging at Gettysburg PA.

    potato chip


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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