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    Can someone tell me how similar the Pierce-Arrow straight 8 and the Seagrave engines are? What is the displacement of each? Can parts be mixed between these two engine types? I am more interested in the 1935 to 38 P-A engines as a comparison with the early Seagrave engines. Are the bell housings the same, different? Teach me if you know the differences.
    Thanks, Alan


    Alan —
    I presume you have probably read the Q&A on page 3 of PAS Service Bulleting 2008-1. That discussion does not address the specific questions you asked, and I do not have the detailed information you asked for, but the general comments apply to the later 8-cylinder engines as well as the 12s.


    Hello Arnold,
    No, I did not read the Bulletin you refer to. I have miss-placed my issue. Thanks for the response.

    Regards, Alan


    Alan, I have been told that the basic engine is the same, with the difference being the carb. set-up. Call me about my parts car, or I will try to reach you tomorrow, Sunday. Louis


    Hello Louis,

    I see you are after P-A wire wheels also. I am in Calif. for a few days but will try to call you on Mon. and Tues. regarding your parts car.

    Regards, Alan

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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