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    We all know our hobby has lots of older folks. Today Pierce Michael Haddad was born in Atlanta to our kids friends Michael and Heather Haddad. Their first child was named Hudson. Hudson has spent some time in my Series 80 Pierce. Pierce was specifically named after the Pierce automobile. I have joined Pierce into the Pierce-Arrow Society and suspect he will be the youngest to every join at just a few hours old. And at 8 pounds 1 ounce he is the lightest Pierce. His father is obviously a car guy! Tom Abbott


    Tom, Congratulations to your children’s friends on their new born son named Pierce. I’m not sure if Pierce is the youngest to join the Society. Back in 1999 during the PAS meet in Bartlett, NH my first grandchild was born in Toronto while I was attending the meet. I got a call from my daughter while on tour, minutes after Ethan was born and immediately paid and signed him up with the Director of Membership before we got back to the hotel that afternoon.

    We do need young people in the Society to keep this wonderful organization going well into the future. It is heartwarming to think that someone named their son Pierce to keep the name going.

    Well Done!!


    My son’s first ride in an automobile was in a Pierce, I brought Jason and mom home from the hospital in our 1936 Pierce. We also got the Society’s long distance award with the same Pierce and Jason (at 7 weeks old)from Western New York to N.C. Jason is now 20 years old and we still have the same Pierce, and I bet if I jumped in the car tonight it would start (without a jump)and run as good as ever.

    PS. original! Jeff H.


    My youngest son Michael Pierce Fuchs was a 1990 model Pierce I wanted to name him Franklin Pierce in tribute to the great Syracuse product but my wife of thirty years would not go it. Aa my best buddy said at the time to my wife ” good thing you don’t have a Studebaker !”” many regards Ken Fuchs St. Louis mo or should I list myself as grandpa Ken as of the last two years of my granddaughter Lily daughter of Carol and I Nancy!”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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