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    I used to tour quite a bit in Texas, since I’m from Louisiana, and many times followed this exceptionally nice 1932 Pierce convertible sedan.

    Now it’s for sale. Wonderful car, I surely don’t have the money for it (since I choose to keep the cars I have!), and think it’s overpriced somewhat, but who knows!



    That is a nice looking car David.


    Hi David,

    Thanks for posting this. Kinda sad to see this collection for sale. I too had the privilege of spending time around these cars, including the Pierce.

    I was once told that of everything the owner drove the Pierce was often the favorite car.



    Yes, I was on quite a few tours with the car in Texas, and it seemed to be his favorite. Owner passed away some time ago, kudos to his widow for not only keeping the cars and using them, but maintaining them well.

    If I had the wherewithal I’d be after it, it’s a great car….


    I believe this is the same car that tied with my 1932 7-P Touring in 1981 for the Vanderveer award.


    Bob Sands reminded me of the history of this car, going back a long time to Buffalo. Perhaps he will chime in and relate it to you.


    Bob Reeves, yes, this is the same car. Ray & Dave Lipka owned it at that time. Ray was a “gotta win it-at any cost” guy. He never listen to reason. Previous to his tying your ’32, it was knocked out of winning because it had the wrong engine. No problem, he got a ’32 engine, and the rest is history

    Years before, at a National Show on GOAT ISLAND (judgong there), Niagara Fa;lls. I talked to Peter Lapey and Don Davis (both had Pierce-Arrow there) Don mentioned to me that he’d like to sell his ’32. Of course, it was way above my “pay scale,” at the time. It had a light tan body, with dark brown fenders. BEAUTIFUL Within a year Ray asked me to help him find a car. I sent him to Don’s place. Ray being an old time horse trader-he stole the car. I was of the understanding he just wanted a “CLASSIC.” Nope, he did a complete restoration. Everything! The new color was a Mercedes silver with a silver convertible top.

    As far as I know, this car was never in New Jersey. From Buffalo to Texas, where it is now.

    Interesting Note: Bob Reeves,your ’32 was owned by Ray at the time, he bought if from Georg Collins. Ray sold it to Jack Combs. I delivered it to Jack. Then your ownership and what a EARTH MOVING JOB you did! CONGRATULATIONS__AGAIN




    This same car now to be sold at auction:

    “To Be OFFERED AT AUCTION WITHOUT RESERVE at RM Sothebys’ Amelia Island event, 8 – 9 March 2019.”




    Thanks Stu- my banker says that I didn’t win the lottery since last time it was for sale, so no go…oh well, someone will get a very nice car….


    I will be at Amelia Concours, so if a member would like help going over the car just give me a call. Ed



    Along with the above ’32 54 Convertible Sedan, another Pierce is to be sold at Amelia Island – a ’33 1242 Twelve Convertible Coupe!

    See link below:



    I remember seeing this when visiting Bill & Aniece Lassiter in the late 1990’s. Very impressive at the time.

    Dave Stevens


    Sheesh, that ’33 is beautiful, although I’m just itching to put a new top on it!

    Bill and Aniece were an interesting couple, I used to tour with them on CCCA events. Bill is gone, of course, but Aniece kept quite a few cars, don’t know what she has now, although a friend of mine transports cars for her so she’s apparently somewhat active now.

    I remember her telling the story about when they first started dating, and somewhere in the conversation he said that he collected cars “and had a few”. She said she was astounded when she first walked into the collection, having no idea of the extent and quality of his collection at the time.


    I understand the ’32 convertible sedan went for right at 100K, an older restoration, but still seems like a very fair price for an open, tour proven, car….


    If the car is a proven 12 cylinder convertible that is a great price.

    Someone got a great deal on that one.


    It is not a 12, it’s a Model 54, the 8cylinder version.

    Yes, a screaming deal. I really hate that my pockets are turned inside out. Mostly because I keep buying

    OTHER screaming deals.



    A convertible sedan is the best of all worlds, especially for touring or living north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Or close to an ocean.

    A convertible for those hot days when the car just HAS to have the top down.

    A Sedan for those chilly days or nights when you want very little cool or cold air blowing around you.

    A Convertible with roll-up windows, so when you have a surprise rain shower, you don’t have to get out in the rain to install the side curtains.

    And to top off all the above, the ’32 Pierce Arrow cars have great brakes, great steering, Classic looks, Syncromesh transmission, and for many, the most attractive of all Pierce Arrows.

    Sigh, I can only hope that a PAS member bought it, and it will show up in Indiana this June !!


    Greg Long


    I think it was a good deal, too, for someone who wants a great tour car.

    I know the car is very nice, but am sure that the older restoration had something to do with the seemingly low price. The high rollers want perfect cars, and anything that has an project potential brings less money.

    I like the fact that it’s an eight cylinder. I can take an eight apart and fix things, I can’t say the same for a twelve.

    This is a car that’s been sorted out and proven, and as long as someone doesn’t mind a little wear on a car, would be a wonderful driving car.

    Hope too that it shows up in the PAS….

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