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    Hi- this information from an email I received, not my words, but thought this was of interest:

    The life history of Abbott Jenkins and his land speed record runs in Studebakers, Pierce Arrows then the Mormon Meteor’s has been documented in DVD with an excellent program 81 minutes long in HD quality by the Price Museum of Speed in Salt Lake City, UT. They located historical film of all his early events and restored the footage to modern standards. The film includes interviews with many personalities connected with Jenkins and Bonneville racing. See the website http://www.boysofbonneville.com for details and to order a copy online.

    You won’t be disappointed, it includes much Studebaker speed & endurance events of the 1920’s & 30’s also.


    Hello David,

    I am lucky to be from Utah where Ab Jenkins was and is still our hero. Many times have I went to the State Capital building just to admire the Mormon Meteor. (That was years ago) I have also met and chatted with Marv, the son of Ab Jenkins, what a rush! The Salt Flats and Ab Jenkins, more than anything else, lit my fire and desire, to do a late series Pierce. The truth be known, I am also building a duplicate of one of the early Studebaker Pres. Indy race cars. Some things really give our nostalgia a kick and this is one of those things. Thanks for the note.




    I assume that you know John Shanahan. He’s got a lot of info on the Stude Indy cars. If not, I can send you his email offline.



    Hi David,

    I had the pleasure of providing 16mm footage of Ab’s 1932 Pierce run to that film, and am listed in the credits. They did a good job of telling Ab’s story, and publicizing the Mormon Meteor. My only issue with the film is that they did not tell about the 1934 Pierce run (I tried to convince them to, but the usual time limitations were cited).



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