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    Some Good Reviews and One Bad One


    I hate to give negative reviews, but if a heads-up to others can prevent them from having a bad experience, then I believe that a negative review is in order. And to balance the negative review, I’ll give several positive ones

    I’ve had a very troublesome leak on the top of the head of my 1932 eight cylinder. Brazing the inside (after decking the block and re-surfacing the head), two stop leak treatments, and an exterior marine patch have failed to stop it. So to have a back-up, on January 15 of this year, I ordered an aluminum head from Edmund McCormick and sent him a check for $700, half the purchase price. On February 15, I sent him another $700 as payment in full. He is on our supplier list and according to him, he has in the past made both 8 and 12 cylinder heads for Pierce-Arrows, the 8 cylinder being a duplicate of the 1936 head.

    I’ve had quite a number of phone conversations as well as USPS and e-mail exchanges with Mr. McCormick, who until recently always seemed most friendly and helpful. In our most recent phone conversations, he told me that his supplier, who he called a prince of a man, had closed and locked his shop with no forwarding contact information. In two separate phone calls in April, when I asked for my money back, Mr. McCormick said that he would get back with me. He would not tell me when that might be.

    On April 27, I Mr. McCormick a certified letter informing him that I would report my experiences on this Message Board if I did not receive my refund by May 20. The letter arrived at his post office on April 30, but to date has not been signed for. On May 6, I sent a copy of the same letter via e-mail and also via standard USPS mail. On May 20 I called and left a message on Mr. McCormick’s home phone asking him to please call me. Again, to date, no response to any of my inquiries..

    Very disappointing. Mr. McCormick is apparently a long time (25 years?) PAS member and a very nice fellow to talk to, but that doesn’t excuse a $1400 default. Old cars are expensive enough without having to pay for others’ bad or dishonest business practices. Buyer beware.


    Here are suppliers listed on the PAS Parts and Services Directory from whom I’ve received excellent parts and services: The parts or services that I’ve received or have purchased are given after the supplier.

    Arnold Romberg – Good Advice Concerning Various Parts of My Car

    Burr Ripley – Beautifully Made Purolator Replacement with Modern Oil Filter Inside

    Classic Auto Restoration (John Cislak) – Many Parts, Services, and Helpful Conversations

    Don Hart’s Radiator & Gas Tank & POR-15 – Radiator Core

    Egge Machine Company – Timing Chain

    Five Points Classic Auto Shocks – Slow but Good Shock Rebuilding Service

    Olcar Bearing Company – Bearings

    Restoration Supply Company – Many Parts and Supplies

    Rudy Rosales – High Quality Leather Gators for Leaf Springs


    I purchased an aluminum head on his (McCormick) first run. Long delays, lack of returned messages, and then a request for more money than the agreed upon amount were among the events of this sad transaction. I then had the head polished, and installed it on my 1936. There is a reason that you don’t find these heads on any of these 36-38 cars when you find them. Not to bore anyone with further sad tales, my head may be viewed on display at the Pierce-Arrow museum, where it belongs.

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