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    Anyone watch American Pickers, they ran across a car in a backyard, appeared to have Pierce engine and wire wheels, with a massive frame work for a body, guy said it was a land speed car….anyone know anything about this beast? best to all David Coco Winchester Va.


    Saw the show and that was one strange piece of work. At the recent Pierce meet, I believe Nick and Della Sabatino mentioned that they have done some motorcycle business with Mike Wolfe. Maybe they could find out more, (although I bet the Pickers don’t part with information easily!)


    Does anyone know what area of the country the show was filmed in. I think I may have access to the production company that filmed that episode and could find out more information. Rich Anderson


    On the History Channel Friday evening it was shown in our area. At the beginnning of the story, Mike Wolf stated that they were in Florida.

    Hope this helps



    I have gotten the owners name and phone number and will contact him to find out more…….and will then post it.


    Richard, well done, great detective work! Will be looking for an update on the story of this beast…


    The car appeared to be a 29 to 31 chassis, very rusty and abused, with what looked like a very poor attempt to bild a tube type body structure over it. It looked like it was a high school shop product at best. My guess is that there were MAYBE 500.00 of parts you could pull off the thing. It’s so poor it will probably end up in the scrap yard. Ed


    I’d agree, Ed, it looked pretty crude……but there has to be a story there….


    When I paused the picture it did not look to have a ’29 water pump on the block but it was still hard to tell since there was never a really good shot of the motor.


    OK….I’ve called this fellow a few times and have played phone tag. He calls back and misses me. Since I’m not all that interested, maybe someone here would like to pick up the chase. His name is Randy and his phone # in Florida is 386-523-4434. The lead is free as long as you keep us informed on how it turns out……Rich


    I’m watching that show here in Finland, but I’d bet that we are seasons behind the one they are showing in USA :)

    Does anyone have a hunch if the episode can be watched from internet? :)



    I just came across this discussion of this land speed record P-A on the AACA forums.

    I cannot send the link but go to look for 1930 pierce-arrow land speed record car.

    Interesting discussions.

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