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    Hi all,

    I bought my 29 DC PA because I fell in love with it. I saw it on the Tv and then followed it for the next two years. I would never have dreamed it would land in my garage. I bought it for the right reasons, I love it.

    With that said, I had NO idea what I had bought. I had no idea that Pierce Arrow was the marque it is. Had no idea the rarity of my car, nor just how fantastic it is. (Believe me, people were quick to tell me!! :))

    What I am getting at is that I know NOTHING about my car overall. So I am reaching out to any of the experts on the details of the car. I agree with Ed Minnie, that I need somone that can help with the reasembly and direct my resto guys in the right direction on the tiny little details that are actually huge. I.E. bolts, wrapped wiring, this horn, that handle. lights. etc.. You get the point.

    My restoration guys are fantastic, super fantastic. I know they will do an outstanding job. However, I do not belive they have ever done a Pierce before and when putting it back to gether, things might be done in a manner that is not 29′. I don’t need Concourse, but I would like to get as close as my wallet will allow.

    Is there anyone out there in Minnesota that would be willing to be my consultant on the car when it starts the reasembly process?

    Thanks so much, Rick

    ps. Bill and a few others have been fantastic with information and leading me in the right direction on parts etc… I just need someone in my own back yard for this job. :)


    There are PAS members in Minnesota who could help I would think.You need to have a full set of literature on hand and ask questions.You might want to talk to and visit 1929 Pierce Arrow owners in other locales.Do you have the roster? Copies are available for the handbook,parts book and of course PAS service bulletins are available.


    You’d do well to read Bob Dluhy’s article on the restoration of his 1931 Model 43 phaeton. He goes into excellent detail about the trials and tribulations. Once you finish your car, you’ll never use the words “easy restoration” in a sentence again.

    As Ed pointed out, there are a lot of details on a Pierce that need to be correct. For example (and I don’t know if this applies to a ’29), the wiring along the frame is run in conduit, with junction boxes, not just exposed wiring as it is on most cars. Brake drums need to be ground, as they are of special steel. The list goes on…

    It’s not a car that can be just thrown back together, I hope you do find a good mentor on the restoration, that would help considerably. Good luck!


    Richard, one of the most interesting things about Pierce Arrow cars are the running changes they mad each year. 1929 had more changes and updates than all the other years…….so a 1929 can be a bit of a challenge. Don’t use modern hardware with grade markings. Get the engine paint in the correct color…..I have seen three different colors over the years and they all looked factory to me! Most important, take your time to get the details right. It would be a big help if you went to visit several other 29 touring cars and take lots of photos…….if you have several cars to compare to it makes things much easier to define correct or incorrect. Often times there is no perfect answer, so then you go with what you think is right for your car. A Pierce D/C is a rare car….. it deserves to be done right. I won’t even mention color choice….:-)


    My 1929 Sport Roadster has the wiring in flexible conduit and the wiring itself is cloth covered wire.Your car is rather close in serial numbers to mine and your battery box will be on the driver’s side under the floor.Earlier 1929’s had it on the right.If you need to redo the radiator,you need to use the correct core.The spark plug wiring housing,

    oil filler cover and water jacket plate on my car are plated.It looks like yours are plated also from the photos I have seen.These details are important.


    Thanks to all that responded. Rick

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