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    I ran into a problem with a linkage that had some damaged threads between a housing and a nut on a threaded shaft. There was no way to disassemble without destroying the linkage unless the threads could be repaired to allow disassembly.

    I have had very poor results with thread files, so I looked for another solution and cam up with this tool, a split die from Thread Tool Supply.

    It just clamps around the shaft to be rethreaded and recuts the treads.



    Every person who has thoughts of refurbishing vintage automobiles should have at least one set of Thread  Chasers.

    I have two (2) sets because the smaller set has a few thread chasers not in the Larger set.

    Harbor Freight!




    Interesting idea. I have a better way…
    40 years ago, a company in Calif created a brilliant thread repair tool. One size fits most diameters that you’ll encounter. Unlike a die that cuts away some of the thread, this tool reforms the thread. It’s adjustable for any pitch or diameter, anywhere along the thread. The H&S Threadmaster is +the tool+ you want. Every so often, these show up on eBay. Way back, the tool cost $20, new. A bit more now and hard to find.

    Here’s on on eBay, now. It’s been listed for quite a while.

    Trust me; it a terrific tool.


    Adam I agree, I have had one for years, one of my best investments.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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