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    On the results of the Hortung auction, an Archer is listed as sold at over $3000. Anyone know why it would have gone that high, or better yet, was anyone on this forum at the auction?


    I would say it went so high because some dope was caught up in auction fever.


    Daryl, I’d have to agree with you…can’t imagine an archer being so special, even gold plated, to bring that kind of dollars…


    From the advance pictures I saw, there was a huge amount of junk included in the sale. Next to rusty junk, a shiny Pierce archer probably looked REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

    If it was anything but a LaLique, the buyer is clearly unbalanced.

    Dave S.


    Back in the 1960’s I had the grand champion market beef at the so. Calif. exposition. These 4-H and FFA animals are auctioned off at the end of the show. I think they used to give the buyers free drinks as one guy who had had too many walked up in the middle of the auction on my animal and started bidding. Someone after a while told him he was bidding by the pound not by the animal! (bid X900 lbs.) He quickly slipped out the back, and lucky for me someone picked up the bidding. I set the highest price ever paid at the time . A few drinks under the belt can really help get high bids. Doug


    Doug, that’s a funny story, and one of the reasons that there are always two places you can get free drinks. One’s any gambling casino, and the other is a high dollar car auction….and the purpose of both is to keep those smart brain cells at bay, and let the stupid brain cells lead the pack…..


    And then there was a lady that bid around $70K for a restored ’60’s

    VW Van at Gooding’s Auction at Pebble Beach about 3 years ago.Goes to

    show you can’t fix stupid!

    Lately,the Euro has been under much pressure.A friend talked to a

    German who had just purchased 32 motorcycles at Bonhams’s Las Vegas

    auction.They paid extreme prices.

    I’ve been checking out the top bidders on Ebay on quality cars I

    desire.Most of them are people who make 80-220 bids a month.These

    guys are dealers and they’re not dropping out at wholesale levels.

    They are paying more than collectors and “gotta have it” hobbiests

    are willing to pay.If it was an American dealer,he would be sure to

    go broke unless he already had a buyer for it.

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