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    I am down to needing 2 ARROLITE tail light rims to complete my tail lights. Cracked, dented any condition considered. (One of my drums has a bullet hole in it, so I am not real picky) . 1931-33.

    Thanks in advance.



    I just got my last 2 rims. Thank you to everyone that helped.

    Does anyone have a diagram/picture of the backing plate the drums mount on?

    This is the one that bolts to a a cast boss with the fuel tank filler going thru it and the license is above the taillight. The boss has 4 holes in a rectangular pattern. I don’t think it has any bracket for the license, I think it is like a partial overlapping set of 8’s

    All help appreciated.



    Bill —

    I can send you both photograph and diagram.



    Thank you. You are a gentleman and a scholar.



    That is certainly true of Arnold!


    Funny…I haven’t heard that compliment (G&S) for a number of years, but it’s a good one….


    Thank you, gentlemen (all).

    Bill: I have the pattern for you and will get it in the mail shortly.

    I am posting a photo for the information of others.

    The metal plate is 1/32 inch thick.



    Hi Arnold, that light backing plate is for a Series 80 and 81.

    The 1933 light backing plate does not have a lower license plate braked, and is more of a long rectangle with rounded ends Just like the back windows in the Pierce sedans.

    Bill: I’m at Hershey, so I can’t go out in the shop and take a photo until I get home in 10 days.

    Greg L.


    I believe that the pictured backing plate is correct for all 1924 through 1930, not just Series 80 and 81. Greg is correct that the Arrolite plate for 1931-33 is different.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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