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    The Editor regrets–Several careful readers have pointed out that the current Arrow magazine has misidentified images of supposed Pierce engines. One is on page 11, purportedly a 38-C, but another make (Paul Johnson guesses a Lozier) and another on page 25 of a late Packard Twelve, misidentified as a Pierce-Arrow. These errors are the result of a too casual acceptance of the source’s expertise, and I regret they have been published. The Pierce-Arrow Society intends for its publications to be entirely free of such errors.–Roger Sherman, Editor


    Roger, the Arrow was wonderful, I very much enjoyed it. Thank you for your efforts on it!


    Roger, Thank you for the great job in the arrow. The PAS has top notch publications and your hard work shows. Ed Minnie


    Roger: Your work on The Arrow is outstanding and a credit to both you and the Pierce-Arrow Society. Many thanks!


    As an associate editor of a professional journal, our reliance on others expertise sometimes becomes unfortunate with the assemblage of the final written product. On the other hand, after a dismal Monday at work, the best hour of my day was last evening reading the current Arrow. Thank you for your wonderful efforts. My compliments to both The Society and you for a well written insightful publication.


    Robert, I’m glad you feel that way.


    I believe the car is the Peerless a friend had up in his restoration

    shop in Murphys,Cal.It was a closed car and it was very well restored.

    The hood handle placed high on the hood,was used only by Peerless in


    I always look forward to The Arrow,of which this issue was one of the

    best(loved the color).


    Thank you, Anthony, for the insight into the identity of the “mystery motor” and your kind words.

    I did not make the entry as a plea for support, but I am most appreciative of the responses.

    Roger Sherman

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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