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    Some of you may remember Les Ostrander of Jamestown New York. He has a 1922 series 33 limo that he said belonged to Babe Ruth. Les passed away and now the family is trying to verify the Babe Ruth connection. So far we have boxes of pictures that Les took at various Babe Ruth League ball games, but nothing that could be called documentation.

    If you remember Les and the car, or have any other info relating to PA serial # 336048, we would appreciate hearing from you.



    The following web site says that the car has pinstripe upholstery, a rooftop cigar vent, and a whiskey compartment. Although it is not documentation, these items sure fit the popular notion of what Babe Ruth would have had in his car. The article was written in 2001, so it would be a longshot, but maybe Popular Mechanics has more info.


    For some reason the Link URL feature didn’t work when I posted the first message. The URL is:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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