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    Here are some Pierce Arrow Listings on Barn Find. I am new to Barn Find and some of you may have seen these on your own. Thought I would share for others that have not seen this site.



    That Pierce-Arrow is currently on eBay with 23-hours remaining on the auction.

    The current bid is $12,600.00.




    PAS member Milt Schilde’s car. You can buy it with full confidence you are dealing with an honest seller.


    It has a heater, much like the one in my ’29. Milt, before you sell it, could you post a few pics of the hose configuration and passenger side firewall in the engine compartment? I can’t see any in the engine pics on eBay.


    I thought I heard somewhere that Milt was selling this Pierce so he could dive even deeper into the many Rickenbackers he owns.


    Milt’s Pierce aside, I for one wish the phrase “barn find” could be eliminated from out vocabulary.

    Not referencing this car, but:

    A car put away in 1990, in a metal building with fluorescent lights, is in NO WAY a barn find. Yes, 26 years ago sounds impressive, but sheesh…


    I checked out this example and copied the photos from Ebay as it is the exact configuration of my series 43, rear-mount spare, etc. and it may be the same color my car was originally. My car does not have the visor.

    I did not see the typical heater coolant connections so it may be disconnected from years past but I like the heater.


    Hi there, my name is Mark Wetherbee and I’m one of your newest members and the future proud caretaker for this beautiful car. Not sure if Mr. Schilde will see this but when I finally get her moved to her new home I will add pictures while making sure she is well sorted out for driving. As for “barn find” it seems to be the new catch phrase for anything around that hasn’t been driven in over a week. Thanks for the comments about the last owners, I had a great conversation with Milt’s son Tim this morning and already have that opinion but it is good to see it here as well.


    Welcome to the PAS and congratulations on the “new”” car. We’d love to see your pictures.”


    Milton is a great guy and it was a real pleasure to meet him for the first time back in 2006 at the Oregon Meet.

    Milton had corresponded for decades with my dad as they both have owned Rickenbackers since at least the 60’s so it was great to finally meet in person.

    You picked up a good Pierce from an outstanding person.

    And as David said, we’d love to see more pictures and get more details about the car.



    Welcome to the PAS. I have gotten a lot of great help here. I am sure you will find these guys to be very helpful.

    I posted the link to the Barn Find because they had several Pierce Arrows for sale there.

    Enjoy the ride,



    Ken, I wasn’t criticizing your posting, by the way, just commenting on the B-F usage!

    Mark, welcome to the PAS, as I’ve told you in other correspondence anything I can do to help let me know, the Model 43 has a few quirks that other P-A’s don’t have!

    Sounds like you got a good car at a fair price, congratulations…


    Barn find is the new modern term for cars that the owners are too lazy to wash………for the past twenty or thirty years.


    Mark, Congratulations on your purchase. This car ran great at Watkins Glenn Raceway a few years ago. I was passed by Milt coming out of the last corner, he was flying!! I think Ed M. scared a few people that day also! Karl


    Karl……our shop motto is….”drive it like you stole it!”””


    Would 50+ years, next to a barn count?

    46 years in a warehouse?


    Mark, welcome to the PAS and enjoy!




    Yes, I second John’s sentiments. Welcome. You have joined a good group.


    Hello David,

    I never thought that you were criticizing what I said. I just wanted to point

    out that there are several Pierce Arrows for sale on the site. Hope you have a Blessed Day.



    I’ve suffered PTSD from my pedal to the metal ride around Watkins Glenn in

    “Mighty”” Minnie’s V12. It expresses itself in compulsive buying disorder. In

    a weak moment at the ST. Louis Meet I bought one of the cars Ed was trying to

    give “”driving lessons”” to at Watkins Glenn. This Society does expand one’s


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