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    Not to blow my own whistle, but I was interviewed by Harry Porterfield for his weekly feature “Someone You Should Know”” on CBS-TV in Chicago. This was really fun as he greatly appreciates the cars.

    Someone You Should Know: Pierce-Arrow Collector Bill Morris


    Bill and Wilma


    Bill and Wilma,

    Great interview. Way to go. You folks surely represent Pierce-Arrow as it should be.


    Glad to see this, Bill and Wilma. Thank you for sharing it with us out of towners. Roger


    A great interview packed with information in such a short running time.

    Bill is also a true gentleman in person.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Bill, you’re a TV natural!

    Classy couple of cars and a class pair owns them. The theme ‘someone you should know’ is correct.


    Great job by Mister Pierce-Arrow!


    “Like riding in a palace.””

    Well done Bill!


    Very nice piece, well done!


    Bill, you are a natural at speaking to the media about Pierce-Arrows. New second career perhaps?


    Nah!! I’m just a ham when the cameras start.

    I always try to portray just why these cars are so much fun.



    George Quay once told me I have a great face for radio. Maybe I should give it a shot. :-)


    Bill and Wilma are perfect Ambassadors for the hobby! Many Thanks.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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