Book about P-A’s with good coverage of historical data?

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    what is , in your opinion , the book that has most of P-A technical data / photos / history?

    I have this book about Cord L-29’s : Without Tribute to Tradition : The Cord L-29 front wheel drive legend.

    It has huge amount of coverage of everything L-29 related, technical/blue prints/photos/ads/history/prototypes etc

    . Is there anything similar available about P-A’s?


    Hi Mika,

    I have the following three Pierce-Arrow books:

    The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car by Bernard Weiss (life time PAS member and Editor-Publisher for the PAS for almost 50 years). This book is available online in the PAS company store.

    Pierce-Arrow by Marc Ralston (President of the PAS from 1986 to 1988).

    Pierce-Arrow ‘First among America’s finest’ by Maurice D. Hendry.

    These books are all very informative, although any single one of them may not be as comprehensive as the one you describe for the Cord L-29. I believe that the last two are out of print, but you may be able to find them used (which is what I did).

    Also a word of warning: watch out for what is in the general literature. Wikipedia quotes the book Cars: Early and Vintage 1886 – 1930 by G. N. Georgano as saying that Herbert M. Dawley (who came up with the fender-mounted headlights) designed almost every Pierce-Arrow from 1912 until 1938 when in fact Dawley left Pierce-Arrow in 1917. Mistakes like this one then propagate themselves (e.g., see past RM Auction Catalogs). RM also stated in a past catalog that that highest annual production for Pierce-Arrow occurred in the 1930s (I believe 1932) when in fact it was in 1929. Who knows where RM got this production information.



    I misstated. You can’t order the Bernard Weiss book online. You need to fill out an order form and along with your payment, send it by snail mail to Betty Gluth, whose address is on the order form. The book information is in the Gift section of the Company Store.


    Brooks Brierley’s “There is no Mistaking A Pierce-Arrow” and

    “Auburn,REO,Franklin,and Pierce-Arrow Versus Cadillac,Chrysler,

    Lincoln and Packard”,might be nice to have.Also,”Magic Motors

    1930″ gives state by state P.A. registrations,1930 to 1936 and

    some nice P.A. pictures,though it covers most of the luxury

    cars of the thirties.

    Tony Costa


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