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    G’day Alan -Sorry I do not have later catalogues. I’m sure other PAS members can enlighten you. The 1929 fender lights sure look exactly like Studebaker. I have 3 spare ones which I am told are off a Studebaker.




    I entered my comments on lamps under the wrong heading.AGA was the maker of the lighting equipment for the 1929 Pierce Arrows.If one looks at any of the Motor’s show issues of this period.There is a table which shows who made the lighting equipment for all of the then new cars.The headlamps on Studebakers of 1929 I believe were supplied by Guide.The reflectors on the 1929 Pierce Arrow fender headlamps prior to when late in the series they changed reflector and lens design, carry the same part number as those in late Series 33 and 36.


    Hello Jak,

    Could you post a picture of your Studebaker fender (park) lights so we can all see the similarities between Studebaker and P-A parts?




    This 1931 model lives in South Africa.


    Danemark laso has one – a 1930 model.


    I believe some of the DuPonts used a similar fenderlamps as did other quality cars in some cases.The Studebakers used cowl lights and the fenderlamps on the 1931 President Eight were different.This connection with Studebaker and Pierce Arrow is interesting to study.I am sure the engineers from both companies shared knowledge but there are alot of differences including sources for components used to build the cars.


    Thanks Bill and Oivind for taking the time to add to this bracket lamp chat and also for posting pictures. Does anyone have original factory literature that addresses the option of bracket lamps on the later series Pierce-Arrow? I would like to see a picture or a later series car with bracket lights installed. It would be nice to have access to original factory sales literature and glean information…I just do not have much.



    The Pierce-Arrow Parts Catalog Number 708 for 1934 and 1935 page 142 has a section titled “HEADLAMPS”” with the comment “”(Mounted on brackets – used only with fenders without lamp housing)””. Number 708 is the last parts catalog published by Pierce-Arrow.”


    Hello Paul,

    Does the Pierce-Arrow Parts Catalog Number 708, show any images or references to MFG. or addition of fender lights by type or parts number? Is it possible to share a scan of page 142?




    Sometime back I remember seeing an old photo of a circa 1936-1938 PA with bullet headlamps mounted I believe on the side of the grille housing.Whether it was a factory thing or some shop having done it I do not know.Interesting

    that 1934-1935 was the last parts catalog.Money was in short supply.


    There were no illustrations in the Pierce-Arrow parts catalogs after 1930.


    Here are some bracket headlights for you boys!


    Hi Alan Here is a photo of the Stude sidelites. Cheers–Jak.


    And another—jak.


    There are a pair of the Woodlites, like in Peter’s photo, on eBay.


    OK, my curiosity continues. Do the Pierce-Arrow parts books spell out any other change that would be made, should a car be sent out with bracket lights? The discussion has already involved the switch to fender lights. I would make an assumption, would the actual brackets be the same that are used to mount the park lights? Or would the brackets have been made heavier to carry a larger full sized headlamp? Would the horns be the same or different? Another question, would the later series cars, with bracket lamps, have been plated or painted?



    Your mention of 1932-1938 Pierce-Arrows with bracket-mounted headlights raises a very interesting subject – I’ve discovered a number them when researching my books and stories:

    The most recent use I found was a surprise, on a 1938 Brunn Metropolitan Town Car, further differentiated with a rear quarter window, shown on page 68 of my “There Is No Mistaking A Pierce-Arrow.” Hermann Brunn was living at the time and I showed him the photo. He must have forgotten the detail, saying Brunn did not make it like that, but the car is listed in the Brunn Collection at the University of Michigan library. The drawing may have lamp specifications.

    Many cars sold in Europe were fitted with bracket headlights. The three cars in the 1932 Geneva, Switzerland automobile show look to have American-made lamps (the convertible sedan may be the same car in the small 8-cylinder brochure). I noticed the Belgian distributor, D’Ieteren Freres, sold both versions. Two views of a model with Marchals is in my “Magic Motors 1930” book. Interestingly, the cars shown in the 1934 Brussels automobile show only have fender-mounted headlights. D’Ieteren now has a museum – you may find a good story there.

    I found the attached photo of General Eisenhower, leaving a Brussels railroad station about September 5/6 1945 in a 1933 convertible sedan, in the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. I looked through the Belgian newspapers at the Library of Congress for a front view, and recall it has a set of Grebels – but looking through my stuff cannot find the clipping to confirm.

    Brooks Brierley

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