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    I have a 1927 Series 36 7-passenger sedan. The brake booster is not working. I don’t know if it is stuck or what. What is the correct modern lubrication to use in the unit? I notice there are 3 cups on top for the lubrication, do they all take the same stuff? Will lubricating it fix it?


    Mike Burkhart

    Dodge City, KS

    [email protected]


    Pierce Service Bulletin Of 1973 issue # 3, Page 4 should answer your question.


    Thats great, but I don’t have the Pierce Service Bulletin issue #3 from 1973. I joined in 2009 and have the bulletins from then till the present. Could you tell me what it says or e.mail it to me as an attachment? Any help is appreciated.



    [email protected]


    Hi Mike,

    The SB mentioned by Leo is on the way! via separate email!

    Happy wrenching!


    Thank you, Peter and Leo!! I appreciate your help. Maybe I can get it fixed today.

    Thank you,



    Hi Mike, please set us know the outcome!



    OK, John. I got sidetracked with honey-do’s today, but as soon as I get a chance to work on it, I will let you know the outcome. I did figure out where to get the castor oil though, at Walgreens!! It is used for constipation, dry hair, and Pierce-Arrow brake boosters!!!




    Hi Michael!

    Before the next time you have a technical question about your Pierce-Arrow, I strongly suggest that you purchase the Service Bulletin CD’s available in the Company Store. The 3 available from the 70’s through the 90’s will answer most questions you could ever have far easier than searching through the paper Bulletins. They can be keyword or number searched for potentially multiple references or tips in an instant. At $35 each, only $135 for the set they are the best investment I ever made for my Pierce-Arrows. You can also use them as a selling tool for closing a sale on your beautiful Series 36.


    OK, David! Advice well taken. That’s a good idea. I can see that is very helpful. I really appreciate the help I have received from many of our members. I have taken this 35 year barn find to a well oiled running machine. What a great group!! I am proud to be a member of PAS!!!



    Send a message to Syd Harris, he had an ‘adventure’ getting his brake booster to work, He can probably give you a few pointers and sage advice on your brake booster.

    Greg Long


    OK, Greg, will do.

    Thank you,



    mike, i had the booster for my 1927 series 36 7 pass touring rebuilt by Classic and Exotic Service of Troy MI (248) 362-0113 and it has been fine ever since, if it gets to that point. they also can provide parts if needed.

    george quay


    George, OK. We’ll see how it goes. Thank all of you so much for the help. These are good service discussions!!

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