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    I’m pretty sure that Pierce did not use Ford Model A brake light switches on the 133 & 134 models, and explaining why mine isn’t functioning properly. One rumor I heard was that Pierce did use the same switch for both brake and back-up lights. The car has the correct back-up switch on top of the transmission, and now /I do have an original style switch for the brake light. However, I can’t find a proper place to mount the brake light switch or how it connects to the brake rod(s).  Looking at the switch design, it looks to have more travel on the Pull side than on the Push side, which makes me think it operates with a spring pulling on the rod in the switch.

    Because all brake rods are in tension, if the spring end is used, the switch needs to be mounted farther towards the real of the car for a spring in tension to make the circuit.  But where is this point?  I haven’t seen a place to mount it using both mounting screw holes. Neither the Owner’s Manual or Parts Book show this detail.

    So, what is the secret? Does anyone have a description, sketch or picture of the installation location and method for the 1929 brake light switch?  Thanks in advance for the help.  Enjoy the holiday weekend.  Herb Tull


    I took a couple pics of the brake light switch on my ‘31 a series 43. Sent to your email address.
    The switch fastens to a simple bracket on the crossmember near the brake cross-shaft. A small bracket clamps to the brake rod from the pedal to the cross rod; when the rod moves forward on brake application, it pulls on the rod passing through the switch through a spring.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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