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    Next photo


    Oivind, thanks for sharing your progress. That new chain will help performance greatly!


    That new chain looks so much better.

    Will you have to drop the oil pan to properly seal the timing cover and oil pan?


    Is the chain oiler tube clear?


    We always run a secondary oil line to thr timing chain over stock. Seagrave did this to both the eight and twelve. We change out the felt seal for a modern oil seal, and then run an external oil line from thr engine block oil gallery directly onto the chain. We run a regulated “pill” on thr end of thr fixture to keep it from dumping too much oil. Works great, and ends the issue of lack of lubrication to thr chain. Cislak use to sell the upgrade parts, and would even modify the cover also, thus it would become a “bolt on” kit you could install. All my cars have them.



    On my Series 80, I ran an external oil line from the base of the oil filter, parallel to the cylinder block and through the back of the timing chain / crankcase cover.

    It feeds the engine oil, post filtration, through that copper line and drops it on top of the timing chain.

    I will post a photo soon.

    It is a slick installation.



    #1 photo



    I took these photos durning an engine rebuild, so the placement of the oil feed tube on this photo appears a bit rough.



    Craig, I hope not to drop the oil pan.

    Jim, the tube is Clear (enclosed photo).

    Ed, interesting to learn. I think I will contact Cislak.



    Where did you get the chain?




    You can get a new chain from a bearing supply house but they might have to order it and they can order the sprockets but you will need to have them machined to fit the shafts. I have a new unmachined crank sprocket if you are interested. Jim L



    I got a new chain for my Series 80 from: Ramsey Products Corp.

    They were excellent and quick with the turn-around.

    Here is their contact info.

    Email to:[email protected]


    Phone: (704) 394-0322

    Fax: 704-394-9134

    I hope that this helps.



    Thanks. I will give them a call.


    Bob & Melaine,

    I bought the Chain at Egge but it was 10-12 years back. As you can see the part no. is TC426.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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