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    First of all, Merry Christmas to all!

    As I was sitting in my living room, digesting Christmas dinner, dog in lap, I decided to check my email.  I was somewhat surprised to receive an email from the grandson of Chicago Pierce Arrow dealer Henry Paulman.  Evidently my name showed up somewhere on one of the various posts on Henry Paulman & Co. even though Bill Morris did most of the background work on the firm.  Anyway, he’s looking for pics of his grandfather and I will dig some up for him out of local newspaper archives.  Just wondering if any of you might have any other pictures in you collections so that I could forward a copy to him.  Here’s his message:

    Dear Mr. Muellner,

    My name is Roger Paulman.  My paternal grandfather was Henry Paulman the Pierce Arrow Dealer for the Midwest Region.  I found your article with the pictures you included on the P-A Society website.  I have been looking for photographs of my ancestor (and his wife as well) for years and so far have found none.  I am wondering if you have additional pictures and/or if you can identify for me which person in the photographs you posted are, indeed, Henry Paulman.

    You might be interested to know that my Father was also a Henry Paulman (Jr.) and so is my brother, Henry the 3rd.  For some reason my father, who was a good looking, rarely would allow his picture to be taken.  I have often thought it might have been some teachings of his father, the P-A dealer.

    Interestingly, P-A Henry’s father, was named Frederick Paulman.  Frederick was an immigrant (legal) from Germany just after the Civil War.  We have several good photographs and an oil painting of him.  Frederick was a barber.  We named our son Frederick after the barber feeling there had been enough Henrys in the family for awhile.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,  Roger Paulman

    Send anything on to me and I’ll forward it to him



    Kenneth was kind enough to suggest dealership possibilities on my post, and it got me thinking that I should just search-term Minneapolis/St. Paul dealers through, for info. on my Model B that was purported to have been a rum-runner.

    I’d recommend the site, as it allows a 7-day perusal, with typical fee structures afterward.

    Thought I’d share a couple of finds, one related to Kenneth’s inquires about dealers in the Chicago area (see list on ad.), and another about booze-runners around the Paxton, IL area. Guess those Paxton fellas were drunk and rolled, rag-doll-like in their Pierce, and had only bumps and bruises. The terrible experiences some of our cars have faced! (Wonder who might have that car, now??)

    Happy New Year, All!


    Chicago Tribune, 6.2.1927 – pg. 15

    The Paxton Record (IL), 10.29.1931 – pg. 9




    Sorry if the type is rather small in the last post. I was looking for a news-to-text feature to share the account, but this link may be as useful:


Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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