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    Most of you know the collection of Pierce literature lives in Hershey, here is a short video from the AACA site with info about the storage and use of this great resource. Karl



    Thanks, Karl.

    It is a nice video.

    You can meet Chris Ritter this Summer at the Rhode Island Meet where he will give a presentation on the Pierce-Arrow collection at the AACA Library.

    Or, I guess that you could go out Karl’s way and meet Chris at the AACA Library.

    BTW, Chris named his son, Pierce!

    An excellent name selection.


    this is, once again, a tribute to bernie weiss who had the forthought to preserve something that all of us could draw from (and i have) as well as the foresight to place it in good hands for the years to come. thank you again bernie.

    george quay


    I will add my thank you and add what a great resource this is. I spoke with Chris about getting a parts list for my Series 80 Sedan. He was more than helpful and the list arrived at my home shortly after.

    James Powell


    Well done video. We are lucky to be a part of the AACA library.


    Very nice presentation by Chris, and as mentioned what a great resource, so glad that Bernie and the Society kept this together and in a place where it will be saved and used……bravo!

    I have some files of correspondence between Pierce and a local (Buffalo) machine shop, discussing tools and parts to be made, or made, this would be a good home for those files also, after my estate sale!

    I would urge anyone with out of the ordinary Pierce literature to consider this option also….


    I am glad you found the video. It was the first video we did and doesn’t do the collection justice. I am looking forward to Rhode Island in a few weeks and this past weekend I had the chance to see four Pierce-Arrow cars and one P-A bicycle at the AACA Meet in Buffalo. Now I must get back to digitizing more of your society’s collection. I am currently scanning “A Few New York State Routings for Pierce-Arrow Tourists”” published in 1910 — wow do I have a great job!!!”



    Thanks for the work you do for The Society; oh, and for the AACA!

    We all look forward to meeting you at the Meet in Warwick.

    I trust that you are also bringing your Pierce, that is, your Son Pierce.




    Young Pierce will indeed be with me in Warwick. He will be the kid pointing at cars and yelling “Vroom! Vroooom!”””

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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