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    Does anybody know of or have a clock winder/stem for a 30 Mod B? It needs to be at least 3.375″ long from the end of the crown to the base of the threads. I have a shorter one if there is intrest. Jim”


    Long stems are easy to wind, but easy to bump. I used a stem the put the knob just even to the bottom of the dash.


    Long stems are easy to wind, but easy to bump. I used a stem the put the knob just even to the bottom of the dash.


    I don’t have a stem for the clock at all and it measures at 3.375″ to put it just to the bottom of the dash.

    If I can find a stem I’m going to make a support for it to protect the clock.”


    Contact the clock maker listed in the Parts & Services Directory


    Bill & Paul,

    I left a question with the ebay seller, the picture is poor but looks like the stem is soldered in. I’ll check with the venders in the morning. Thanks Jim



    Couple of questions. Who made your clock and is it semi rectangular? Do you have a picture?




    It’s a Waltham 8 day and it is rectangular. I’ll have to figure out how to get a picture from email to post. The clock shop has it now.

    The ebay clock has a stem mounted solid and the vendors don’t sell parts. Jim



    It sounds like you have it at the best place. My late father in law was a watchmaker for Westclocks and I have about 5 pounds of stems, plus other watch parts, but none seem like they would be of much help on your project,

    Good luck.




    The clock shop showed me how to get the short stem I bought apart, and I think I can cut it in half and add a section in the middle. I’m not going to try and thread that fine.

    When I bought the stem on Ebay the lot had 2 other old car clocks but I have no idea what they are for and neither did the seller. 1 round and 1 hexagonal. Jim



    Sounds like a plan. You can use brass hobby tubing as a sleeve , insert the separated ends and solder them if you have enough clearance for the OD of the tube. Did the other clocks have any markings?




    I didn’t look for any marking. They are Waltham 8 day. I’ll look tomorrow and include a picture. Jim



    Here is a picture of the clocks. The octagon one says 8 day but is NOT a Waltham. Nobody claims making it. It has very nice hands that glow in the dark and on the back there are two numbers 13162 and 824T.

    All of the clocks are just parts clocks, a couple are more parts than clocks. Jim



    Excellent picture. Thanks for posting it. Be careful of the glow in the dark one. It probably has radium on the hands. I would avoid taking it apart. I am intrigued with the two that have the second hand dials. Maybe we can figure out what they fit.



    My 1922 Series 33 has a black Waltham with the second hand dial that is similar but not identical to the two shown above



    Are there any serial numbers on the Walthams? You can date them by the serial number.




    Where would the serial # be? On the case or on the works? Jim

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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