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    I bought last year a 1927 Pierce Arrow 36 ED 4PS. This car has never been restored before and It\’s preserved well, its perfect condition. I\’m the second owner; the fabric is original. I\’m restoring now the vacuum brake assist unit and the gasket is destroyed.We are presently engineering a new rubber gasket.

    Twenty years ago the previous owner ( very old) painted with brush a new paint over the original paint. I\’m doing a preservative restauration so I would like to have the original colour, because I have to repaint the car. My car has blue body , black fenders/chassis and cream stripes.

    My dobut is that car could be ching blue code 48 and cream split body stripes or niagara blue code 28. Do you know if someone has a sample or a the formula with the percentage ?

    Is it possible to clarify which is the correct colour ?

    Thank you for your help



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    Ditler (Dtiz-Lac) records for 1929 Vouge Series (all cars) give this combination of which I have samples:

    Ching Blue lower body

    Black Fenders and frame

    Bambalina Blue upper body

    Ivory stripe

    Fawn Gray stripe

    It is a beautiful combination. They do not give the formulas.

    Pierce-Arrow factory option #48 for 1927 model 36 gives:

    Ching Blue upper and lower body, and wheels

    Cream split with Niagra Blue for striping

    Belt, fenders, and chassis Black


    See message “Paint”” for Niagra Blue.”


    I have color photo copied my 1929 Ditzler (Dit-Lac) Ching Blue paint chip and sending it to you. The color is very close to original even though it is 80 years old.


    I would like to highline the outstanding behaviour of the Member William Rolapp who gave me an extremely important helping hand in the research of the correct paint for my 1927 model 36 ED 4PS.

    I was searching for the original paint scheme in order to bring back the car to the shape it had at the time but was unable to identify the colours for the body.

    Bill at first send me a copy of the chip and later shipped a can of Ching Blue from the U.S.A. to Italy at his expenses ; this will allow me to have the car painted in the right colour without any doubt.

    I think that His behaviour is typical of a great collector and also that is an honour for Our Association and Your Country.

    Yours sincerely.

    Umberto Del Corona

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