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    What colours where used for the chassis and body of a model 1911 Pierce?

    Stijnus Schotte

    the Netherlands


    You may pick a “tasteful” color that was available in 1911.The Editor

    of The HCCA Gazette(John C. Meyer III)produced an article showing what

    paint companies offered.The real challenge is in duplicating the correct

    pin striping.

    What we know is that you could order any color.That cars were sold

    through showrooms with colors picked by the factory.Factory photos reveal

    many different offerings(wish they were color photos).The 1911 36UU

    (1,000 built)was an extension of the 1910 36UU (600 built).A good guess

    would be that the colors would be similar.Many popular cars of this age

    were sold out early in the model run(often at car shows)and the factory

    was lucky if it could co-ordinate suppliers,foundaries,shippers and labor

    to meet the demand in a timely manner.One of the hang-ups was the paint

    job that required over ten hand applied coats of carriage type paint.Each

    coat had to dry and be sanded and one “clear coat” on top.It took over a

    month to paint one car(and the space tied up while the process happened).

    These paint jobs were good for up to 2 years before replacement was


    I would suggest you contact various libraries for copies of P.A. ads

    (some were color)and P.A. factory pictures(they were not color but are

    clear enough to make out the pin striping).Existing car owners could be

    a big help here.

    Good Luck!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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