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    I have a friend with a new arrival.It has a 124 inch wheelbase,

    5X51/2 bore and stroke,and the number 3531.His title calls it a 1908

    40HP,but my number book doesn’t show any series with a big 4 and

    this low a number.The 1907 45PP’s left,all have numbers in the

    4000’s.Any help finding the accurate dating and model of this

    unusual car would be appreciated,Any experts that you can steer

    me too or parts would be a big help to get this car back on the


    Tony Costa


    Tony, Sounds like a great car. Is your friend a member of the Pierce-Arrow Society? If not, let’s get him a membership.


    The identification guide on this site indicates this may not be a valid number. The data for the early cars originates from a rescension table published by Pierce in 1925. I would start at the beginning by locating the engine number. Enter in 34050 in the identification guide and you will bring up a photo of where to find the engine number. The serial number will be stamped on top center of the rear cross member. let me know how you make out.


    I agree with Paul,it seems the engine number does not match known 07 or 08 number series.


    Thanks Ralph,Paul and Ed.The owner does not belong.I will try to

    recruit him.I told him that my ’12 has the serial number stamped

    on various components(carb,driveshaft,mag.,etc.).He proceeded to

    find this number on his flywheel and other parts.I agree that my

    sources don’t include this number(though it’s close to other

    early P.A. numbers)and that’s why I enlisted your help.He hasn’t

    located an engine number yet.I will check the identification




    Your friend has an 1907,08 or 09.


    I believe you’re right,Leo.It’s a Suburban(?).He’s checking

    the places that this message board has provided,for a proper serial


    I have something in common with you.I also own one of Roland

    Zillmer’s early Pierces.He bought yours right after he sold me

    mine.He was a mentor to me as I grew up 4 blocks away and went

    through school with his son,Bruce.

    Tony Costa


    The club vehicle register includes a listing of reported cars with numbers that fall outside factory s/n ranges. These include 3609 & 3714 based on 1914 NYS registration. Also reported is 3569, 3659 & 3676. Perhaps the rescension table is incomplete.



    I got out my 2010 Roster and Vehicle Register and it didn’t have a

    section on reported cars with numbers that fall outside factory s/n

    ranges.Where did you obtain this info?My friend will be blasting his

    timing cover today.The first number is faint and he can’t read it yet.

    The numbers he obtained would fit into those you gathered. Tony

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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