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    Hi, all,

    Can someone look up the specs and tell me the difference between a Delco 728C starter and a 728R.

    I don’t have a Delco book.




    I think Dave Kirchenbauer solved it for me. In the interchange manuals the 728R is listed for only ’31 models 41 and 42 (big engine) while the 728C covers 29 through 31.

    Thanks, Dave.



    I don’t have a Delco book either, maybe some one will post all the generator and starter applications for the 29 to 38 cars if they have it. For some reason I don’t think there was any diffrence in the starters in 30 or 31, but I am not sure. Ed



    I do have a very big Delco book. Just had to get it disassembled to scan. This should have your details.

    Hopefully I can attach the scans now…



    I guess I can only attach one page at a time


    Page 2


    Page 1 Delco Group 40


    Thanks, Greg,

    This is great!






    I emailed you the scans as these seem to get shrunk down a lot in the upload.

    Maybe you know how to make a photo look better in the forum here.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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