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    I would like to request a diagram to ensemble the clutch from my PA 1926, series 80, engine number 8010718 series 8010661, as I’m restoring it.

    Thanks and kind regards,

    David Gonzalez


    Hello David, The only published clutch drawings or diagrams that I know of are in the S 80 parts manual.

    I don’t know of a manual published by any of the clutch manufactures. I’m not sure who made the clutch for the Series 80/81, I think it was Borg Warner.

    The factory parts manual for the S80 is a very good reference to have, the number and quality of the drawings in the parts manual are quite impressive.

    I think a few PAS members might have photo copies of the parts manual, and be able to make them available, or you can go to the AACA Library and request a printout of the parts manual.

    I highly recommend you have this manual for the restoration of your car.

    Hopefully someone will post a message here that they have a copy of the manual available.

    Greg Long


    I hope these scans are readable,


    Click picture for larger view

    Another page from the parts manual, the scans stink. The actual manual has amazing quality and detail.

    I’ll describe the ‘stack’ of the clutch parts:


    Clutch friction disc.

    Pressure plate, it has notches around the perimeter that fit over buttons installed in the inside of the flywheel.

    the pressure plate also has springs that rest on the buttons and retract the pressure plate away from the disc.

    Clutch cover and spring assembly., which has the clutch shaft and release bearing on the shaft.

    the clutch shaft is on a key on the transmission input shaft, and the clutch shaft or release tube spins

    full time with the input shaft.

    Hope this helps


    Hi David,

    The Dykes Automobile Encyclopedia has pictures and assembly instructions for the Borg and Beck single plate clutch that the Series 80 used. Actually a fairly modern clutch setup for the time.

    This is the Borg (Charles and George) of Borg Warner. That name came along after Borg and Beck merged with Warner Gear.

    Happy Motoring


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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