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    The car is only a few carriage bolts away from having the body lifted away from the frame. First time since 1929.

    The engine guy determined the back to cylenders are without compression and believes the head gasket might be blown. He is totally ready to tear into it. With the exception of one thing, he said the engine had never been cracked open and was never messed with. With that said, he indicated that somone along the way put cylicone in the carberator. He said gas and cylicone do not mix, so he didn’t understand why? One of those backyard fixes I guess??? lololo

    The chromer is lined up, 6 month wait before he can start. he is finishing up a Duesy. The eingine guy ready to go. Guage restoration guy is on the line as well. Just need one more coponent. I have a few people lined up for the wheels. Have not quite made up my mind on who will re work them. Additonal parts are starting to come my way.

    Im not sure he wants me to use his name but I did want to say thank you to the pas member who supplied me with some very rare and special parts. A pierce lorrained drivers spotlight, with Pierce/lorraine brass tag. special brackets for my horns, paint chips, rubber shock obsorbers for the horn mountings and several other parts that would ahve been more than a headache to find.

    Enjoy the photos. More to come as the restoration continues.




















    Wow! You would think those giant drums were off a semi. :)


    you may want to put braces between front/rear of each door opening, to stiffen body, before you lift off frame. If all wood is structurally sound it may not be a big deal, but as you say, it hasn’t been off the frame since it was born, and there may be wood rot that you can’t see right now.


    Great idea. Thanks

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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