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    Does anyone know a source for the Delco Distributor cap clip springs? They appear to be the same from my Series 33 (early – dual distributor), through a junk later series 33-36 distributor clear through to the Delco 4105 distributor used on the V12’s. I’d like to get quite a few – need 4 for a ’42 Seagrave engine I just made the mistake of purchasing in a moment of weakness, and would like to get some spares while I’m at it.




    Hi, PAS member John Cislak is just finishing up a production run of the spring clips and hinge. They will be posted on his website on EBAY under the store name PIERCE-PARTS-STORE they are hand made and are tempered and coated with a black oxside finish. His phone number is 413-543-9017 east coate business hours. Enclosed is a photo of a new spring and hinge on a 36 V-12 Delco dist. Ed Minnie

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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