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    I just made an inquiry to Bruce Dawson in Westchester, Virginia about his 1932 Model 54 Brougham Coupe, as he calls it. (I’d call it a Club Brougham). It’s a green car, no side mounts. It’s been for sale for some time.

    Not to go behind Bruce’s back, but I’m wondering if anyone can give me an assessment of the car. . . . an opinion from someone who is not trying to buy or sell it. Is it a good car, runs well, properly restored, or does it have “issues” ??

    I’m a PAS member for some years but new to owning a Pierce. I’m looking for a proven good driving car without “issues” , and I particularly like the 1932 Pierces.

    Whatever comments will be kept confidential unless you post them here. I can be privately reached at [email protected]

    Thanks — Scott


    Hi- Scott- I’ve sent you an email, will be glad to discuss this car with you, I live in Winchester and know Bruce and his car well. I think you would be happy with how it drives, and it has been worked on by a local old-time car mechanic who knows what he’s doing, and it should be very reliable. It is very nice cosmetically, as within the last few years it has had paint work and new interior. best- David Coco

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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