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    Hello all,

    Hope this finds you enjoying a nice holiday season where ever you maybe.

    Is anyone familiar with this particular 1925 Model 33 Convertible Cabriolet? It’s supposed to be in California somewhere. I’ve tried to attach a photo. Hope it works.

    Just wondering if it is a known car with good history.

    Thanks — Scott


    Hi Scott,

    That car was in Oregon about 10 years ago. Try contacting Paul Johnson via phone or snail-mail (he doesn’t do the Internet). He can probably tell you about the car.



    As I recall, this car was reputed to be a custom bodied convertible coupe. I think Derham. The car belonged to Clark Rittersbach in Rochester, N.Y. many years ago. Clark has been a dealer his whole adult life, and may be able to shed some light on where the car has traveled since. As some of us have learned the hard way, it is quite easy for anyone to place a custom body tag on a car, and thenceforth the car is known to be perhaps something that it is not. I am not saying that is the case with this car: the only thing I can say is that I sure thought it was ugly. Tony


    Tony might be 100% right on this one. However I don’t remember it belong to Clark–it was “for sale” about 30, or so, years ago in the Rochest, N.Y. ara. Best bet would be to check with Bernie Weis.



    “Tony might be 100% right on this one. . . .”

    You mean, it really is that ugly? :-)

    I don’t think any Pierce is downright ugly. Well, most of them aren’t, anyway.

    Happy New Year to all from frigid white New England.



    Arrow 78 model 2 had a article about this car written by its then owner (the third from new). R. Berger bought the car @ Hershey in 1971 and did major mechanical repairs to the engine, differential and rear end gears. The aluminum body was OK but the sheetmetal required repair before a complete paint the vehicle. The original bill of sale ($13,000 price tag) and original tools came with the car which indicated the 1925 series 33 convertible coupe was made by Derham. The front bumper is unique and made by AIRFLEX, like inner tubes that were inflated.


    Hi Scott:

    This car was in Oregon in 1980’s. The owner was Stan Essstrom who lived in Reedsport, OR. See the 1986 Roster.

    I believe he owned the radio station there.

    Paul Johnson may know more

    Bob Lind


    I think I saw the car for sale at Casa De Fruita on California Highway 152 near Holister/Gilroy,at a car sales facility 5(?)years ago.They were proud of it!I don’t think the sales place is still there.

    Tony Costa



    I met up with this very car(1925 33 Derham convertible cabriolet)on the

    street in Los Alamos,Cal. I was passing through on an Auburn,Cord ,Duesenberg Tour.I was informed that it was for sale for $97K It appeared to be in fine shape.The non-stock front bumper is the most interesting

    20’s one I’ve ever seen.It appeared to be a rubber bladder filled with

    air or liquid to absorb a blow.It was shaped like no other bumper made

    at that time.

    Tony Costa

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