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    My car needs all new door handles because the ones that aren’t broken now will be soon judging by the life of the pot metal.

    Is there anybody in the US making very good reproduction handles for a 1930 Mod B 4dr sedan?

    I got a bid a year ago from a company in Australia that I have used before on another car but since they don’t have any patterns for the Pierce the price is very high and they require a min of 3 sets to justify the mould making. They use Stainless Steel and the quality is excellent, just open the box and install them.. Or if there are more than 2 people needing all door handles the price may come down.

    If there is any interest email me and I’ll forward the email from them so you can see the breakdown. It was a year ago but I doubt the price is alot different. If I post it here it will be too small to read. Jim



    Where are they breaking? I have a fix i am working on for damaged threads. I am also on the trail of a caster in NC



    Check the Parts & Services Directory under “Handles””.”



    They are some are cracked lengthwise most have the square pocket end broken some are broken in the middle. there is no repair with mine any repair would fail in the adjoining metal. Jim



    There was a post about Verdone not doing anymore castings. I thought it said she was selling out at Hershey. Jim


    Have you checked with Dave Murray ? I don’t remember if he ever made a run of repro handles, but he might know where some are.

    Please post several photos of the handles. So we can look through our spare and extra parts for a matching part.

    Greg Long

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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