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    This car is listed as a ’28 but our lookup feature makes it look like an early ’26, at least based on the number sequence.




    This looks like a Seies 36 to me especially because of the hole in the running board aprons to lube the rear spring eye.


    Serial number 361067 makes it a 1927 Series 36.


    I saw this car in a barn in Florida about 7 or 8 years ago and took a bunch of photos, including this one. It would be a great project or driver for someone.


    Can a person say with reliabiltiy that a series 33 has the hood with just a few louvres near the cowl, I think 5 or 6 louvres,

    And a Series 36 has the groups of louvres down the length of the hood sides.?

    Did a Series 33, or Series 36 ever use a continuos row of uninterrupted louvres like on a Series 80?

    Greg Long



    The standard Series 33 hood had 5 louvers near the back (cowl end) of the hood. A few Series 33’s were equipped with louvers along the full length of the hood….the so called ‘Mountain Hood’. Whether this was done at the factory or done later, I don’t know. They can be seen in photos from the time.

    The Series 36 hood has louvers the entire length, grouped is sets of three louvers, then a space, then three more louvers, etc. This is similar to the Series 81 hood, except the 81 has groups of two instead of three.

    The Series 36 hood is aluminum…the Series 33 hood is steel. Except on the Runabout, the Series 33 hood is a 5-panel hood, with a fixed piece in the middle fastened to the radiator and the cowl. The Series 36 hood (and the Series 33 Runabout hood) is a 4-panel hood with a center hinge.



    Paul’s remarks are right on with one exception. the series 36 runabout is slightly different having only one set of 5 louvers which is located near the cowl. the rest of the 36’s are six sets of 3 louvers. I carry a picture from the parts book in case some judge declares my hood wrong.

    George quay


    You caught me George!

    I forgot about the Series 36 Runabout hood. So many parts on the Runabouts are not interchangeable with the other body styles!

    Is the Series 36 Runabout hood aluminum or steel?



    Well I guess I can’t say what I said with reliability !! More like a 33 or 36 could have just about any combination of hood louvres and hood material..

    I guess the series 33 always was 5 louvres near the cowl??

    No wonder Pierce had trouble making money.

    The Series 80 touring cars are a similar mix of different sizes.

    A s80 roadster and 4 passenger touring car both share the same cowl, windshield posts and instrument panel.

    The trim on the door tops and the top of the cowl inside the car, continuous with the door top trim are all the same. The doors and body are aluminum over wood.

    The 7 passenger touring car has much taller windshield posts and glass, a much different curve on the top of the cowl, it uses a sedan instrument panel [ I think] and the door top trim, and matching cowl trim are much different from the roadster/4passenger touring.

    And the entire 7 passenger touring body is steel over wood..

    Greg Long



    I’m not sure that any absolute statements about Pierce-Arrow manufacturing can be stated reliably! There always seem to be exceptions.

    I think the Series 33/36 hoods are pretty predictable. The Runabout is a different beast on both the 33 and the 36. The Runabout has a different shape to the cowl than any of the other body styles. The Runabout cowl has a much higher, more rounded arch. Therefore, it requires a different hood, along with different firewall casting, windshield castings, and instrument panel castings.

    As George pointed out, the Series 36 Runabout hood is like the Series 33 Runabout hood with 5 louvers at the back. I suspect it may be exactly the same as the 33 Runabout, but I don’t know for sure.

    What I can say, it that the Runabout hood is unique to the Runabout on both the 33 and the 36. All other Series 33 body styles use the same, interchangeable hood with 5 louvers at the back. And, I believe, all other Series 36 body styles use the same aluminum hood with groupings of 3 louvers. It is not random.

    I checked my Series 33 Parts catalog. It lists 2 hoods: one for the Runabout; one for everything else. The illustrations in the catalog show both to have 5 louvers at the back. There is no mention of a “mountain” hood in the catalog, although is would have been easy enough for Pierce-Arrow to punch some extra louvers on special order. I don’t have a Series 36 Parts Catalog…does one even exist?

    Working in the parts department at Pierce-Arrow must have been fun!



    I agree with Paul. Just when I am sure they did something only one way, I see a car that’s diffrent. I think their rule of thumb was if you can make it fit, put it on a car so we can sell it. Ed


    the series 33 and 36 both have 5 louvers as pointed out. the series 33 is steel and the 36 is aluminum and there is a parts book for the series 36 which I would be glad to copy for anyone that might need one.



    This 36 series EDL has been up for sale a couple of times recently by Mr. John Gambs, which I looked at in July 2013. It is mechanically sound as a driver but I didn’t test drive it but did see it run/drive. I don’t think anything is missing from the car as little details like lock covers are present. Most everything that was German silver still is except for the radiator shell was chromed. The front fenders could be repainted as they are starting to flake. Unfortunately The interior is not in as nearly as good shape as the exterior. The front leather seat needs re-uphostoered and the back was restored in a cotton-based material that has gotten stained from moisture and light. Only the jump seats retain the original herringbone material. Stitching was done accurately as I can tell so it can be used as a pattern when replacing the material. I have about two dozen pictures if anyone is particularly interested in this car. Mr. Gambs is in the directory for contact info.

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