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    Has anyone had any experience replacing the dual point set in the dual ignition of a Series 33 with electronic (Hall effect?) sensors? I am starting to talk with Genesee Products in Owasso, OK about whether 2 of their kits could be adapted and stuffed into the dual distributor. I have a ’23, so I have the dual cap distributor.




    My first thought is why? Points and condensers are ‘old school’ and very reliable.. and most importantly, easy to replace and repair.

    I don’t think you would get any better ignition, or reliablilty. With our low rpm engines, point bounce, and coil function is not a problem if the items are in good servicable shape..

    So, while I’m sure you could make it work, you still have to use the old style cap and rotor, with the rubbing button, so I don’t think you would be gaining much if anything..

    Greg L


    I agree with Greg 100 percent. Ed


    I installed a Pazon Ignition Booster on a 1926 Packard Eight. (http://www.pazon.com/ignition-system/energy-booster-ii-negative-earth.html)

    The nice thing with this is that you do not remove the points or the coil. The Booster is an electronic device that senses when to tell the coil to fire. Your original points are that “thing” to send a signal to the booster. And the nice thing is that with this Booster, the current through your original points is now only milliamps rather than Amps as per original, so your points never burn out and last almost forever.

    And the other good thing is if the device ever fails, it’s a simple matter to rewire your ignition circuit right on the roadside so that you are back to original configuration again.

    I tried this on my Packard when I had all sorts of misfire problems that I could never diagnose. Finally I tried the Pazon Booster and every problem went away. Car starts quickly and easily and runs great. Never figured out what the original problem was.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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