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    Not bad swinging it by myself. Will post updates/questions as progress advances.


    Nice looking job Roger.


    Thank You John


    Gents, With respect to the water jacket cover, besides the copper crush seals on each bolt is a flat washer required? Thread sealant as well?


    Beautiful Roger!



    No on the flat washer, but absolutely yes on the thread sealant.


    Thank You Bob and Don


    Are these threads of the balancer utilized for something? I do not remember.


    Test fitting the oil lines that I purchased from John Cislak. Like everything else I purchased never any issues with Johns work. He is a true asset to the hobby


    Another look


    Maybe the threads are for a puller? Speculation…


    Roger, you need to round the modern fitting on the oil pressure relief valve, back in the day, they were not square. Also check for marks and casting draft pulls on the elbow on the bottom. Small detail, but since they need to be chromed, may as well get it right first time around. Not trying to nit pick, but modern fittings stick out like a sore thumb.


    Will do Ed, Thanks


    Gents, With respect to the Carb linkage. Chrome,paint or is either ok?



    On my 1930 Club Sedan all the linkage under the hood was chromed and rusty,

    since the rods needed replaced anyway I replaced with Stainless Steel and polished them so they look almost like chrome but won’t rust and don’t need polished again. The extra cost is minimal. Jim


    Good idea Jim.



    I did the fuel and oil lines also for all the same reasons. Jim

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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