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    Has anyone used Water Wetter or any other brand of temperature reducer in these older engines?  It works great (up to 20 degrees cooler) in engines for 50’s and 60’s vintage cars.  My ’29 is freshly rebuilt, with only distilled water in it right now.  It has only run without a load.  The temperature stays just a little into the operating range with a 160 degree thermostat installed.  While waiting for John Cislak to rebuild my carburetor, I am running the engine with a leaky UU2 so I can seat the head gasket.  Once I get the rebuilt carb, I intend to run the engine with water and  Evaporust, and possibly the Water Wetter.  Any thoughts on adding a tablespoon of ATF to help lubricate the water pump?


    Slightly different subject, probably should use another thread, but I put in an electric fuel pump, and don’t trust myself to remember to shut it off.  How does everybody do this?  I would think the key switch can’t handle an additional 10 amps, and there is no electric oil pressure switch to use as a contactor.  Also, what pressure should we set the fuel regulator at to deliver the optimum pressure to the carburetor?


    Thanks for any thoughts.



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