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    I’m trying to evaluate a Bus that has some Pierce-Arrow pieces and a Pierce ID plate that doesn’t match any of the other info available. It was represented to the present owner as a "1929 Pierce-Arrow" bus with a Wayne body. That appears to be incorrect. Maybe some of you experienced parts handlers can identify what engine it might actually be.It is obviously an assemblage of odd parts, but may be historically interesting if it is a Pierce chassis & drivetrain. The owner is offering it for display in The Pierce-Arrow Museum at Gilmore. But is there enough Pierce?

    Here’s what I have been given so far:
    * ID plate is 2006982 which goes to a 1929 8 cylinder. The chassis may be an extended ’29 – or not.
    * The dash appears to be ’29 Pierce
    * The control layout looks like the Z series Pierce bus chassis
    * The fender light housings are bulbous, not sweeping
    * The grille shell appears to be 1933, but the hood looks more like a Series 80!
    * The wheelbase is 157"
    * There is a plate above the windshield that reads: All Steel Motor Coach Body by Wayne Works 8692
    * The engine is a 6 Cylinder, not an 8 and I have no pictures. Engine info found so far is limited to:

    1)Head has number 58895-8HA on top front

    2)Firing order is 1-5-3-6-4-2

    3)Block left center shows 890 YD

    4)Exhaust manifold shows 9.23

    5)It has a WA-1 Carter (!) carb on it at present

    Can anyone identify the engine from this info?


    Hi Dave,

    The last Pierce trucks (and maybe buses) had Hercules 6 cylinder engines. I believe 33 was the last year for the trucks. I suggest you contact Ernie Follis as he’s currently restoring a late truck. I would also suggest calling him for info because he doesn’t read this forum.

    Good luck,


    Hi Dave, I think Rick is correct. I saw about 20 photos of the truck when it was on ebay, and thought it was a Hercules engine in it. It looked correct to me, but I have only seen two PA trucks from this vintage. It was used in the movie RAY , so maybe you can rent the video to get a better feel for the bus as it was on screen several times. Ed Minnie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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