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    The exhaust manifold on my ’29 roadster has been repaired by welding at least once and the heat riser is no longer functional. Empire Motors out of El Paso, Tx advertises that they can cast a new manifold and supply a new heat riser. Has anyone used their service or have an opinion in regards to the advantages of the porcelain finish they offer? Any response would be appreciated (FYI the intake manifold does not have a porcelain finish and I think one with and one without the finish would have a strange look).
    thanks in advance,


    Empire Motors has a dubious reputation among PAS members. Apparently they promise a lot, are quick to take your money and very very slow (if ever) to deliver any product. Check the note in Emporium 2007 No3 on this business. I’m sure there are others than can furish the necessary work you require. Check the recently updated PAS Service Directory. Good luck and best regards, Rick


    There was a lot of comment on the AACA website a month or two ago about this company. Check it out.


    Please do not send any of your parts or any funds to Empire Motors. You will be extremely disappointed. Several P/A society members have litigation pending against this group with no satisfaction after several years. Call or e-mail if you need additional info. Charlie Sando


    Lionel Stone, who advertises often in the Bulletin, reproduces this manifold fully machined (which is almost exactly the same as the Studebaker. I have not bought one but he has been aroud a long time. Perhaps someone else can comment on the quality.
    I think the price is very reasonable.


    Ed: Thanks for your reply. The manifold Mr. Stone has unfortunately does not match the manifold on the car. He was my first contact and is great man to do business with.


    I recently bought Lionel’s Manifold for my ’29. It is a bargain! It is exactly like my original, but has thicker flanges. You will have to do some smoothing of the casting and may have to enlarge the stud openings to fit yours.

    I was very pleased.

    A friend with a Caddy v16 was burned big-time by MPT/Empire on his manifolds



    If the heat riser is your only concern, don’t worry about it. The manifold heat system which included a hot spot was used to heat the old gas which was not anywhere as volatile as what we use today. Exhaust manifold preheat is now a contributor to vapor lock problems and we routinely block the preheat passages in order to keep the carburetor a cool as possible. I assume that you have the late 29/ manifold which was continued into 1930. On my ’29 I’ve installed an aluminum plate between the two manifolds to stop the hot air movement around the intake manifold.

    Good luck.


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