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    After 20 years, another crack (different area) in the exhaust manifold happened a week ago. Paint has started to bubble on the sides of hood. No longer drivable. Being transferred to a welding shop for repair soon. Questioning if this 29 manifold is interchangeable with another year? Have a foundry that is willing to cast if there are enough members interested. No way I have the money to do this for just myself. Does anyone know if Lionel Stone is still reproducing these, and at what cost? I believe from searching on the internet that he may have been in an accident this summer?


    Hi, Mena,

    From the Studebaker club I’ve learned that Lionel’s business is on hold right now while he’s on the mend. They’ve not announced any expected downtime.

    There are two types of manifold sets for ’29. The early ones directly match the ’29 Studebaker President manifold set, hence the crossover from Lionel’s exhaust manifold.

    The late sets look quite different and were also used in 1930.

    If you take a photo of your manifold set and post it here I can tell you if it’s early or late.



    Thanks for the info Bill. Here is a photo I just took of the manifold. Let me know your thoughts. By the way, are there replacement gaskets available, or do I need to make one?


    Hi Mena

    For my 2 cents worth. Yours is a late manifold and I believe Lionel’s is a replacement for the early one.

    I bought a manifold gasket set I think from Olsen’s gaskets. It fit very poorly and burned out after little running. I recently purchased exhaust manifold gasket material and made my own. I was pleased with how mine sealed.


    You have the late 29 to 1930 version. The same as what I have on my car.

    I don’t know of anyone who has reproduced that version, but for sure, the Lionel Stone manifold will not match up with your intake manifold.



    Hello Mena,

    Bill Rollap is correct, you have a late 29 manifold, it is the same as all 1930’s. I have made this manifold before. We made 10 units in Brazil. It was very expensive as we had to make a very elaborate release mold before we could start. When I was in Hershey this year my guys from Brazil were there and we discussed making another run. They are to get back with me soon. They are very nice and machined for perfect fit.

    I have a manifold that belongs to Vincent Cahill which he left with me to sell for him at Hershey. It has been repaired but is very nice. His price is $1000.00. Call me if there is any interest.

    Thanks Dave Murray 253-229-9573


    Thanks to all of you that responded to my post! My car was dropped off for repair on Wednesday. Hope it will be back on the road by spring.

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