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    Has anyone had any experience with the Pierce exhaust systems sold on Ebay by Klass Kollection Exhaust systems of Mocksville, N.C.

    Are there anymore companies that sell complete Pierce systems that anyone has experience with?

    I need a system for my 1240A.


    I have an exhaust system from Klass Kollection (aka: Kepich Exhaust) that was just installed on my 1940 Packard. Perfect fit. Fast shipping. Fair price. I know many others who have used Kepich systems. They offer both mild steel and stainless. For most applications I think the mild steel is fine and also quieter than the stainless.


    Hi, my luck with them has been hit or miss. They made me 4 systems for my 31 Cadillacs and they fit fine. I ordered a system for my 1931 Series 42 touring and it wasn’t even close. Turns out they sent me a 29 system and INSISTED it was the same. It was not. I have seen their mufflers they have been making and they look very nice. I would buy mufflers from them and make your own pipes. John Cislak has some reproduction exhaust hangers available if you need them. Another member had a new “header”” pipe made for his 33 and it didn’t fit. I am not sure who made it. My last comment is that many of the pipes you order are longer so they will fit all the different chassis lengths. You may need to cut them down. Ed”


    I ordered a set for my 36 model 1601 and it went together without issue. I did not have to cut any pipes only make a hanger for the rear tailpipe that hangs over the axle. I would use them again



    Thank you all for you comments on the exhaust systems. You have been very helpful.

    Terry Wenger

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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