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    This post is directed at the entire membership. In the last 18 month I have seen more cut down, modified, altered, repowered, engine/frame/chassis swaps than in the previous 20’years. I direct this at no particular car, year, platform, or any other direct automobile. But I will state the following……

    Buyer Beware! There are currently cars in the club and on the concours circuit that are not generally known to be modified, fake, repowered, etc…….what ever term you want to use. Yes, cars have slipped by and now have been perceived to be correct. PLEASE don’t buy any Pierce open or closed without assistance of a expert opinion. There are too many new people in the hobby getting burned. Thanks, Ed


    Good advice, Ed, and it applies to any old car, from early Model T to Pierce and so forth….I walked Hershey one year with a fellow really in the know on early cars, and it was an eye opener, the number of early brass cars that were re-bodied and/or downright replicated….and the problem is that, as time goes by, fake becomes real as knowledge of history is lost..


    Ed and Dave,

    Thank you for the information. I am glad there is a forum that has several knowledgeable members that are willing to help us new buyers to the Pierce Arrow Society.



    A sad comment on we humans

    If there’s a buck in it there will be a faker!! No different to the art & antiques world. It has been forever so. Ed’s advice ESSENTIAL before parting with your $$!




    Do you want to buy some Snake Oil, it cures everything!



    100+ year old cars that have passed the test of time and whose

    bodies are composed of various amounts of wood and metals that

    oxidize, should not be stigmatized by efforts of their owners to

    faithfully replicate the bodies. The downright replicated is

    another story. I have a one of a kind chassis that sold for the

    price of a P-A. The craftsmen required to bring this car back

    from the dead are dying off or are unavailable due to their

    exclusive employment by wealthy collectors with large holdings.

    Should I throw a bucket seat on the 145″ wheelbase car and pass

    it off as a speedster(the factory made one for the owner)? Ed’s

    advice to seek expert knowledge can’t be beat as long as you

    locate the right expert.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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