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    Guys, need help. Vehicle is a 1930 Model A. Fan bearings seized up damaging the shaft the fan rides on and the housing for the bearings. Restorer probably tightened the fan belt too much. Would like to convert from the old needle bearings/oil slinger system to modern roller bearings, but if we had to go back to original system again would do. Has anyone converted to modern bearings, if so, who is machinist to do this? Does anyone know the part numbers for the original needle bearings/housing/fan shaft? We’ll get roadworthy either way, but converting to modern sealed bearings sounds like the better alternative if someone knows machinist who has done this before. THANKS!


    Bearings and races are available over the counter. The failure is probably lack of oil. There are 5 different fan/hub/pulley set ups used on the 29 to 38 cars. While they are similar they do not interchange. Should be an easy fix to repair, or replace with modern bearings and a modern seal. I converted my V-12 20 years ago and 15,000 miles with no problems yet. Ed


    There are several. One I used is:

    Jerry Washburn

    2732 Limerick Rd.

    San Pablo, Ca

    (510)724-5774 (work)

    (510)234-1731 (home)

    I also did a rebuild myself. Cleaned out all the old bearing material from the cylindrical body and filled it with sealed ball and rollar bearings. Bearing dealer assisted in the sellection of bearings. Had a new shaft turned to fit the bearings. Interesting project. Can’t give you the bearing numbers, but not difficult to match my steps. Used a leather gasket on engine side (get some leather at a shoe repair shop) to stop any more oil leaks, and added a zerk fitting where the filler screw was. Pumped bearing grease in to guarantee the long term lubrication. Either method will bring success.

    This should be a standard upgrade on these cars and PAS should design and support such an improvment. Pierce started with roller bearing in the 20’s and resumed it again in the last years of operation. The slinger design was a very sophisticated solution in a day when sealed bearings were not available. Work at it and you will be pleased with the results.


    our housing was destroyed, cracked etc. I need to start from scratcn.

    I would like a complete assymbly for our 1928 Pierce 5 passenger conv. sedan model #143

    http://[email protected]


    Re Jerry Washburn: He is indeed the best, but he cannot take on any new business for awhile, as he is undergoing a second round of chemotherapy for cancer. Some of you have called me about your parts in his possession. I’ve seen them well-organized with your names and contact information on the open box flaps, but don’t have any further info for you at this time. Please keep Jerry in thoughts and prayers.



    Washburn did ours and did a magnificent job. As noted, however, he has health issues.


    A couple of years ago I met a vendor at Hershey who installs bearings for fans, waterpumps , and rebuilds Startix.

    I know nothing more than this however he quoted $195 for my 1932 PA Fan

    Name is John Forsythe,Fremont Auto parts, 402 Justice St., Fremount, OH 43420, Phone 419 332 8296


    I had my fan completely rebuilt with new bearings etc. for my 1934 840A a few years back by a fellow who does all the machine work for a local Pebble Beach quality restoration shop and all of my cars. He is a full time machinist for Boeing aircraft parts and does antique and classic car work evenings and on weekends. He would likely be willing to do the work and is rather quick and extremely reliable. His name is Jay Larson – 360-794-9809 – Monroe, WA.

    He does machine work for Paul Murray here in our area also……

    Call him Pacific time and ask him……..


    Rich, that is a great lead-thanks!



    Thanks John,

    I hesitate to tell people about Jay as he is such a jewel in the rough. He loves doing small, interesting and challenging jobs. He is very detail oriented and 100% reliable and honest. He not only did the fan on my 840A, but completely rebuilt the water pump with new bearings, new SS shaft etc. and its better than new. He’s also very careful about authenticity so will not produce something that is not authentic if at all possible.

    I could not be in this hobby without his availability and skill. If anyone needs more of a reference I’m sure Paul Murray will give one.

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