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    Congratulations to PAS Chief Judge and board member Fay Butler for being chosen as this year’s recipient of the Lee Iaococca Award, which the Antique Automobile Club of America has called it “the most coveted award on the classic car circuit.” Here’s a link you can copy and paste to the full article posted by Hemmings Motor News yesterday:


    Congratulations, Fay, and very well-deserved!!


    Congratulations, Fay! We’re all even more proud of you!


    Tony, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are lucky to have a such a great craftsmen and human being in our leadership.


    Congratulations, Fay!

    A well deserved award for an invaluable member of the Society.



    Well Done! Congratulations on your latest award.

    Chris & Del Diekman


    Congratulations, Fay!

    Thank you for sharing your passion with a new generation of enthusiasts.

    Bob Jacobsen


    Congratulations Fay,

    A great choice by AACA.

    Rick and Liz Horne


    Congratulations Fay. I still remember how nice you were to my young son at the Mass. meet, even bought one of his Pierce car sketches from him! You deserve this….


    Congratulations to you Fay. It is a very great honor to have you among us. Roger Sherman



    Ditto from the Shobergs!!



    This a public addition to my prior kudos!

    However, you still need to speak with somebody about a the likeness on the plaque, ’cause it just don’t look like you! ;-)


    Congratulations, it’s great to see our Head Judge win this important award. Ed


    Congratulations Fay!! A well deserved award an recognition.

    Greg Long


    With politics set aside-“they got the right guy!”

    Congratulations, to a deserving guy.



    Fay. A great award and well deserved!

    We look forward to seeing you in February. Your suggestion developed “Southern Forestry 101″”

    which I think will be an interesting addition to the Meet.



    Congratulations Fay, you certainly deserve the honor.



    Congratulations Fay, Fantastic!

    The Helenbrooks



    Also from Norway we want to congratulate the receiving of the Award. Enclosed is a photo from 1995 when you visited us in Norway and made a speach and a seminar.

    Oivind and Trygve


    Congratulations Fay! You are a well-deserved recipient of the Lee Iaococca Award.

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