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    This is a new photo to me, anyone ever see it before?


    Hi Ed, I haven’t seen it. For some reason I can’t enlarge the photo, but I do notice the fella’s head gear on the horses do not make them as locals in DC-ha. I also find it interesting it looks like canvas tire covers not metal.

    Thanks for posting it-John


    The photo was taken in Canada, the side mount covers I also picked up on, and how about that crown on the front bumper. Ed


    below is a list of the times that FDR visited Canada, obviously the first in 1933 would not be applicable, so it had to be one of the other visits…it was probably #2 or #3 in the list below, as those visits list the person of note that he visited….

    Franklin D. Roosevelt 29 June – 1 July 1933 Unofficial None This was a private vacation to the Roosevelt family home on New Brunswick’s Campobello Island.[4]

    28 July – 31 July 1936 State/unofficial The Baron Tweedsmuir

    Governor General of Canada The first three days of the trip were to Campobello Island for a vacation; on 31 July Roosevelt travelled to Quebec City for official duties.[4]

    18 August 1938 State Albert Edward Matthews[5]

    Lieutenant Governor of Ontario The President, along with Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, dedicated the Thousand Islands Bridge over the Saint Lawrence River. At the same time, Roosevelt also received an honorary degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.[4][6]

    14 August – 16 August 1939 Unofficial None This was a vacation to Campobello Island and to Sydney, Nova Scotia.[4]

    21 August – 23 August 1939 Unofficial None Roosevelt stopped at Halifax, Nova Scotia on his way back to the United States.[4]

    17 August – 25 August 1943 Working The Earl of Athlone

    Governor General of Canada Roosevelt travelled to Canada to attend the Quebec Conference in Quebec City, Quebec.[4] The conference was also attended by Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

    11–16 September 1944 Working William Lyon Mackenzie King

    Prime Minister of Canada Roosevelt returned to Quebec for the second Quebec Conference,[4] attended by the same dignitaries as the year previous.


    here you go, Ed, complete with video!!!



    Nifty research David.-thanks for the info!


    Dave, your the best! Ed


    It has an archer, with a flag holder behind it. It has two flags flying.


    Has anyone done any research into that happened to all the white house Pierce arrows ? You would think there are still records as to when they were sold and to who. With a history of being a white house car they would be well cared for or at least one would hope so. Doug Vogel

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