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    I have only had my car for 5 months or so and have jumped in the deep end trying to find all the parts it needs. Even for a car that is mostly comoplete, there are a ton more parts to find than I first thought. Sound familiar? lolol

    I still have several parts to go but wanted to say thank you to all those who have helped me out along the way with some major pieces. Bill W,Dr. Pete, John C, Dave M, Richard W., there are several more but these guys have really helped with some tough stuff.

    Some of the PA guys have taught me a very important rule to follow through out your restoration is: when you go to restore a piece that you will not be doing yourself, make sure it is a true RESTORATION.

    Even if your not mechanicly inclined like myself, you can make sure every piece is taken apart and rebuilt. Not just a part or two and a spray can finish for a huge amount of money. You don’t have to be an expert, or even know what you are looking at, to tell if something has been taken down to the bone and redone. I have found that rule goes along way on everything I inspect and buy.

    Thanks everyone! Im still hunting. Dig into your moldy oldy boxes in the corner of your garage and let me know what you have for a 29′


    1934 American National Desoto airflow pedal car.

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