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    I recently lost my 30 victoria coupe in the bastrop fires. I was paid out as a total by my insurance company. That payout was nowhere near what I had in it. I have no idea what the true value on that car is. Can anyone give me an approximate value so I can claim it as a loss on my taxes.


    Most of the auction houses such as RM Auctions list the results for sales. This may give you some indication of prices although the body style of your car is rare. I have not seen a like car advertised for sale recently.


    Bill Wachter,St.Louis/ Mo. has a similar car for sale. I don’t know if it has been sold. Phone 315-753-1047.


    Jim, Susan and I were so sad to hear this story about your circumstance. I hope you and your family are ok otherwise.



    Very sorry to hear of the loss. Not only for you but the historical loss to us all as well.

    To claim a loss on your taxes you will need actual selling prices of other cars, not just opinions from others. Consult a tax attorney, but the suggestion on auction prices both selling and high bid within a few months to a year of your loss is probably the only legitimate assessment of value. Avoid the so-called “appraisers” who usually write an appraisal “made to order”. Their values are, from my experience, unrealistically high because it makes the customer happy. But just try to sell a car for what they claim it’s worth!

    Just cover your bases and do everything expecting to be audited. Then if you are, you’ve done your homework.


    This is indeed sad news. I offer my heartfelt sympathy and hope the family is safe. Roger Sherman


    This is indeed sad news. I offer my heartfelt sympathy and hope the family is safe. Roger Sherman


    Very sorry to hear of your loss.

    It is never easy losing your home to a fire and on top of that losing such a prized vehicle.


    Thanks everyone for the responces and sympathy. We all got out ok and are planning on rebuilding. It is strange that about 2 months before the fire I got some gas and tire ration cards from ww2 from my cousin. I got several photos of the car taken in the 40s from another cousin. all gone now.

    I am going to part the car out. not sure what survived yet. will keep you posted.

    Once again thanks


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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