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    I have the engine pulled out of my 29 Club Brougham to do work on it and I thought it would be a good time to freshen up the paint on the firewall. I plan to paint the whole car as well but that may come later. After looking closely at the firewall it is apparent that it has a mat finish black paint over the body color. Is this black paint supposed to be the firewall finish or should the firewall color be the body color?


    My vote is that the firewall should be body color. When my 31 Pierce was restored in 1960, the gentleman who restored it was a stickler for being authentic, and the original paint was on the car before restoration, and he painted the firewall body color. I’d be willing to bet the black paint was done later on your car. This is just my opinion, though….


    Hi Calvin

    I will agree with David on the color of the firewall, Painting a car sounds easy, however, It requires alot of thought. Solid colors on the body are no problem. The two color body is a problem when the firewall color is chosen. Im sure there are some members on this message board that can share the corect information on the original colors . Good Luck, Richard.


    Thanks for the opinions on the paint color. The original lower body and upper body color on the car is called granite gray. Actually it is kind of a greenish gray. The belt molding and fenders are a tan color I forget the name of the color at the moment. The colors are similar to the model A ford Chicle drab ans Copra drab.

    I was planning on painting the original colors so the firewall would be painted the Granite Gray. I just found it odd that the belt molding is the lighter color. Usually the belt molding on cars is the darker of the two colors of a two tone paint job.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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